Our Unique Methods
Our Unique Methods
I hand-craft all my jewelry myself, using only hand tools and high quality silver and gold wire, but that’s not all!
One-of-a-Kind Designs
One-of-a-Kind Designs
All pieces Terri creates are one-of-a-kind originals. Treat yourself to something special.
Metaphysical Properties
Metaphysical Properties
In many cultures, gemstones have specific meanings, uses, and powers. What quality are you looking for?



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September is more than just a change from summer to fall, more than just switching from vacation mode to "back to work or school mode" . September is the last quarter of the year! So, this brings up the question; what have you done this year? Have you accomplished the goals you set – or are you…


Summer is hot alright! Florida is piping hot! it is also quiet down here, as this is my new "slow season". I am trying to get used to that! I used to be slow in the winter months of January, February, half of March- because there is snow on the ground in CT! Now, those…


Summer time! Things are heating up! I think we all look forward to the summer for similar reasons. Summer seems to always remind us to slow down, enjoy the long days, take a vacation, relax on a beach. So since summer is a little slower of a season down here, I am doing just that! I…

Welcome to Terri's Treasures!

At Terri’s Treasures I offer unique and affordable gemstone jewelry; I saw, cut, and polish the gemstones myself, then I wrap sterling silver or 14ktgf wire around them, therefore, each piece is completely handcrafted, and truly a “one-of-a-kind”. Each piece is “tagged” with its own identification number, because no two pieces are exactly alike. Pieces are subject to availability. With a wide price range and a large selection of materials, there is sure to be a treasure for everyone!

It all started in the third grade with a chapter on “rocks and minerals”, in science. The class took a field trip to to a local “rockhound’s” workshop. He explained the tumble polish method and showed us his vast collection of gems. On the way out we each got to choose a polished stone to keep; I still have mine.

That was it, I was hooked! On my next report card I got straight “A”s and was rewarded with my first (of many) real rock tumbler! Dad built us a workshop in the basement; and stones have been my passion ever since.

Thank you for visiting with me, I hope you enjoy exploring my treasures as much as I enjoy creating them!