In August so many people decide to go on vacation, and this year I am one of them! I will be taking this month off from any markets or shows. I will probably still make some inventory, but not as much as last month or next month! I am going to be driving up to CT! I am so excited! I will be taking two weeks for this trip, I have a house sitter, a new vehicle, and I even have company for the road trip! Yes my mother and my brother will both be going along- we plan on seeing LOTS of family and friends up there- can't wait! It's been three years since I was there, and 8 for Mom, but it's over 10 years since my brother was there last! It is the perfect time for a trip north, I have FIVE important birthdays to celebrate! The summer here is real quiet, so I won't miss much! I am planning to go shopping at the big gem show in Springfield, MA, as I desperately need more materials! Stay tuned to my Facebook page, as I will be posting parts of my shopping trip, around August 11th. Heads up to any of my awesome customers in CT- I am planning on being at the August 7th BIKE NITE at Valley Diner on Route 34 in Derby around 5pm-9pm- if anyone wants to drop by to shop or say hello, I'd LOVE to see you! If that doesn't work for you, text me so we can try to get together- 203-513-1045.

This past month I have been enjoying my new jeep, and trying to meet the challenges of re-packing for work! I did lose some room from having the truck- but I am determined to make it work! I now have 6 turtles in the canal at last count. And in addition to cutting and making inventory, I am also starting to add some new pieces to the website. I know I haven't had a chance to do that for quite a while, my apologies. I will try to add a few new pieces each week to catch up.

The latest item on my show table is another Florida inspired gem! An addition to the SEA CREATURES line; They are called ODEN STONES. These stones are found on local beaches, and have perfect, round holes in them. They are caused by rock-boring sea creature; such as bivalve molluscs,  piddock, worms, or sponges. They are called ODEN STONES. It is believed they are helpful to those looking to change the direction of their life. Some believe you can see divine entities through the holes! These pieces are available at local shows or by contacting me- only $10 each!


holey stoneoden stones










Our COTM for August is the rainbow crystal, this is a great one for meditation and for healing. My #5 MUST HAVE GEM this month is TIGER EYE, this has been one of my personal favorites ever since I can remember. I just really identify with tiger eye, I wear it all the time.

Our chakra this month is the third, or SOLAR PLEXUS, the location of which is just behind the solar plexus, or bottom of the stomach.This chakra gives us our sense of personal power in the world. It is associated with the will or desire. A blockage would manifest as anger or a sense of victimization. The color is yellow, or gold, and some stones that work well with this chakra are; citrine, amber, some agates, golden topaz, and golden tiger eye! Here are some great affirmations for you to work on your solar plexus chakra-


chakra aff solar plexus




Ok everyone, that's all for now- I hope you all have a wonderful vacation planned this summer, and I wish us all safe travels!

Until next month, remember;