April Showers Bring New Beginnings!

April Showers Bring New Beginnings!

As I sit here writing this, listening to the April showers outside my window, I can’t help but think how fast time goes by. The last time I wrote my newsletter in this room, there was snow on the ground and I was packing up and headed south!

We spend so much time planning, working on projects, researching the next step, testing the newest product addition-we need to make sure to “enjoy the journey”. Finding balance in life is always a challenge; but one well worth the effort. Recently I have had many changes taking place, both personal and professional. The work and effort put in through the fall and winter months is almost ready for spring’s fresh new beginning. I am very happy that all continues to go well. I have learned quite a bit, one of the most important lessons being; that if finding your balance in life means some things take a little longer than expected; the end results are well worth the wait! I feel as though I have made progress in this area- and I am grateful.

I hope your springtime is full of positive, healthy, prosperous new beginnings and ventures!

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Author: terri
I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!