With the month of April come all sorts of things "springing" up! This is the most anticipated time of year, the weather turns warmer, the flowers bloom, plants grow- things get green. People that were inside all winter now have "spring fever" and want to get out there! The craft fair season starts up full swing, there are outdoor events and occasions. Living up north, this is what I am used to, the funny thing that I am finding in Florida, is that down here it's kinda the opposite! we are "winding down" our main season here, a lot of the farmers markets and events I have worked close up at the end of this month, or only go partially into next month. People are getting ready for the heat and the rain, they say you spend more time indoors June through September! (I still think I picked the PERFECT year to move lol) So what's a Northern girl to do? Especially a Northern girl that has to make a paycheck!

Glad you asked! I am currently looking into some really nice markets that are year round, and some that are also indoors. I am also looking for shops and boutiques that show case local artisans to see if they would like to carry any of my line. Then there are bike nites that I can apply to. 

I also now offer totally awesome WIRE WRAPPING PARTIES!!! This is a great way to spend an afternoon! All you have to do is get at least six people together at someone's home- that's it! I bring everything we will need, and everyone gets to make something they can keep! Reasonable rates of $25 per person, with six guests (not including hostess) the hostess is free! I am usually there for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Call me now to schedule your party! 203 513-1045 I am also available to teach groups(with possible group discounts), such as community centers, ect.

flyer ww party


I am also working on some fun, new products! So here is a preview of one; this is a large ceramic cast skull pendant wired with copper, isn't he creepy!? I thought they look like turquoise don't they?

So we still have the whole month of April (and part of May) I will be at local Farmers Markets, with specials for the spring time occasions- come see me and look for these items; butterfly pendants, Angels, bunnies, different crosses, and more! Easter is THIS WEEKEND!! I am working a Farmers market this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday- check my calendar link for addresses. And I am sure everyone has a Communion, a Confirmation, a Graduation to go to! Even if spring is late in your area, I hope you get to enjoy your April!

btfy angel pearl crossceramic skull

bunnycrosses 3

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I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!