Did your wishes come true this year? Well mine have, mostly anyway! Last month we said November was a good time to give thanks and be grateful for all we have, and for all the wishes that have come true. It's important to acknowledge our accomplishments and our blessings. This month, December, can sometimes be about wishing for things we'd still like to bring into our lives. During the holidays some of us make a "wish list". The end of the year is also a great time to make your "dream wish list". What would that look like for you? What dreams do you still want to come true? What goals are you still striving for?

I have had quite a few wishes come true; moving to Florida means in December (and 5 other months!) I never have to scrape ice off my windshield, shovel snow, or drive in it to go to work! It also meant I have much more for much less; a house, not a tiny apartment, living expenses are lower. This in turn, means less stress. It also means I get to live my dream of making jewelry as my sole income! So my work life is not as physically demanding any more. Since I get to set up and work a booth at a fair or market almost every day, I have the opportunity to sell someone something pretty and put a smile on their face, doing what I love!  These are just a few things in my life- how about yours?

As the end of the year rolls around and we are all busy getting ready for the holidays, I hope we take a minute to thing about all that has happened, and how far we've come towards reaching our goals and living our dreams- and remember to focus on the positive.

Maybe you can help someone else have less stress this holiday season too; in my tip this month I talk about making your own wish list- give the people that you know buy you a gift some options. Tell them about your favorite shop, see if that merchant offers a 'WISHLIST PROGRAM"- can you leave some choices with them, and then send your hubby there? You'd be surprised how well this works for everyone, I've done this in my business for many years, and I think the men appreciate it more than the women they buy for! I appreciate my customers for supporting my small business for over 22 years, and I always try to help them when they need a gift- I'm sure many other merchants would be happy to go that extra mile as well.

Here's a few ideas that are out of the ordinary, something different and unique!—


METEORITE PENDANT- you can own something out of this world! Your own personal shooting star to wish on!







How about something to show how much you love someone? Rose quartz is the stone of love, and what's better than a heart shape?







What about a one of a kind FOSSIL SEA URCHIN?







Or do you know some one that has a bear for a totem? This genuine BLACK BEAR CLAW would be a great gift!









Maybe someone on your list has started doing yoga or reiki, or energy work with their chakras; this CHAKRA WAND PENDANT would be a big hit!




What ever you do for this holiday season, let's all try to remember the importance of it first. Second let's try to ease our stress about the hustle and bustle, and maybe ease the stress of our loved ones too. I think then we will all be free to really relax and reflect on all the dreams that have come true, and all the ones we're working on!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and ….


Author: terri
I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!