I AM CHANGING THINGS  UP IN APRIL!! What do I mean? Well several things; let's start at the beginning, that's usually a good place to start 🙂

Lately it has been a challenge to get my newsletter out on time and formulate what I'd like to say. Normally I try to take things that the particular month is associated with and also what is happening in my life, and tie it all together with my business as well. My synchronicity continues to improve, and everything happens for a reason- so this has been fairly easy to do…..until recently.

Let me explain; each season I am here, business improves, so this means I am busier and busier. This is great news! Except for one thing- I'm so busy working and keeping up with inventory, it gets to be a challenge to find time for certain things, and I also feel like I don't have a lot of interesting things to say. I'm sure everyone can relate to this- every day go to work (even if you love what you do like me), then come home do chores, go to bed, repeat!

Some more of the important things I struggle to find time for is meditation and yoga (or any exercise you like), as well as fun and social things. Now this becomes a "catch 22" of sorts- because you need your down time to refresh and improve function, creativity, ect., for work and daily life, but you need time for those things and when life is busy that's tough. So here we are back to BALANCE; we've talked about this before (and I'm sure we will again!) Is there a solution? Yes! What is it? KEEP TRYING. Sorry if you thought I was going to give you a magical answer, lol.

Some times it helps to "change things up" a little. For instance, I recently told you I have decided not to be so strict about when the newsletter goes out (as long as it is within the first week of the month), so being a little more gentle with yourself is a good start. Letting things go can be great too- not important things like the tax dead line, but things like housework. How about saying no once in a while? We have so much on our plate- then someone asks for a favor and we feel bad unless we do it. Ask yourself will this somehow negatively affect my schedule or serenity?

 Ok, now I have been in this "place" many times in my life, remember this is a journey, everything about us is a work in progress. In yoga they tell us- it is a practice, so, such is life. So what do I do when I get "here"? Well, that's where the "changing it up" comes in! I know at this point I need to get back to more meditating and working with my crystals, and my chakras, because these things really help me cope with anything the universe thinks I need to experience! So I am going to tell you about how I do those things. I just want to say three things; 1) this means there will be some repetition from past newsletters- we have touched on some of these subjects before- but it will be different and more detailed, and hopefully in a digestible order. 2) as with any advise or instruction, please remember it is in no way to be considered a replacement for medical treatments. 3) this is what I think/feel/believe/do, so please feel free to modify any of it to fit YOU, your feelings, ideas, ect. If I recommend rose quartz and you don't feel as though you resonate with that stone, pick something else- this is YOUR JOURNEY.

We will start with a deep cleansing breath, and… CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL. This is going to be our STONE OF THE MONTH, and the reason we begin with quartz is because it is literally the most powerful stone there is! I have not yet in all the time I've done my newsletter had clear quartz as TSOTM, because it is so special I wanted to wait for something big, I've had many ideas, but I finally settled with this one……EVERYTHING! Ok I may not be able to live up to that, but I'll try. I could do an entire year just on this stone; it's powers and properties, physical formations, uses, science applications, and more! Clear quartz is known as the most powerful stone there is mainly because it will magnify the properties of any stone it touches ( this is the reason it is often used as the base of a wand pendant and as the crystal point in a wand). Also, it is all healing. It is beneficial to all your chakras, or energy centers, and aligns you with universal energies. It can aid in concentration and attune you to your spiritual purpose,it enhances psychic abilities, and so much more!. The molecular structure of clear quartz crystal is the closest thing to your DNA molecule on the planet- it vibrates to the same frequency our bodies do, and this is thought to be the reason it can heal us. Quartz comes in every physical formation; tons of different shaped crystals; each with their own additional properties due to the formation, as well as in masses, drusy, clusters, stalagmites, and more! And it is often cut into cabochons, eggs, spheres, and just about any shape you can think of. It can have many different mineral inclusions, as well as water bubbles (called enhydros), and each of these differences adds to the power and properties of the quartz.

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I really can go on forever about clear quartz crystals! I love all stones, but if really pressed to pick one as my favorite (really just one?) it would be clear quartz crystals. They are literally all over my home! On any given day you can usually find at least one in my pocket. As I sit here, working on this article, my clear quartz pendulum hangs from my lamp in front of me awaiting my next question- you get the idea! There is so much to tell you about quartz crystals, I don't know where to begin or when to end! Let's start with one way they can help us on our journey.


Quartz crystals are highly effective to help facilitate meditation, as well as enhance the experience- for the advanced and beginner!  I like to lay down on my bed with my chakra stones on each chakra, and herkimer diamonds, or any double terminated quartz crystals in both of my open palms and above my head and below my feet. If I am doing a sitting meditation I will normally make a clear quartz crystal triangle configuration, sitting in the middle of it, and place my clear quartz sphere in an open palm, and put that hand in my other open palm, in my lap.



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For the start to this journey we introduce clear quartz crystal, we will revisit it often, as it will entwine throughout our path many times. Next month, continuing with my change of pace,  we will talk about the chakras as a whole. And there will be a different kind of stone of the month! After that, I will take each month to talk about one individual chakra- remember some gems for the chakras we have already had as TSOTM- like citrine or amethyst. Not to worry! We can not only expand on those, but talk about other alternatives too. For now we'll stop and try to absorb the information so far- remember BALANCE is key; learn a little, then practice a little. That's all for now, thank you for joining me on this journey, more to come- but I'll leave you with this….


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