And so we do, we begin a new year, another chapter, a new adventure! No one knows what this year holds- isn't that exciting?!! Anything is possible, and that's the way to look at life- glass half full, ya know.

I am looking forward to my fourth season (third full season) of shows in Florida! I have a great line up; including a new BAZAAR at night! So be sure and check my calendar of events. 

I have new pieces, and plenty of new ideas and projects in my head for the warmer, quieter months. Right now it's busy, busy, busy with shows! Snowbird season is in full swing. 

I have goals in mind for my year; maybe a trip this summer? Maybe some more visitors this year? I am hoping more exploring with friends and more time off in the summer. When we think about goals and resolutions, I hope we all try to remember some of the things we talked about this year. Like being realistic, keeping things simple, try not to stress too much over things, and take time for yourself. I know I am trying to remember these things.

I am really enjoying my new life in Florida, I had a great year, and I look forward to an even better one! I want to thank each and every customer for their support of my business, and I hope we all have a safe, healthy, happy, prosperous new year!



Author: terri
I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!