Boy is that true! I can't believe this is July of 2019 already!! In less than three months I will have been living in Florida for FIVE YEARS!!! I still love it, a LOT has happened in those five years, but I still think this is where I'm supposed to be. I've learned a lot here too, not just about all the things here that are "new" to me – but also, I've learned a lot about myself.  So, along with all the positive aspects of our lives, we each have those challenges that teach us something and make us grow. If we look at it that way, then even the negatives turn positive; that's what I'd call a silver lining!

With my busy season over, I'm in the middle of summer – which I love! I know people say how can you love it when it's so hot?? But when you live here, you learn to appreciate the calm, quiet of the "off season". We need the busy season obviously, but the down time of summer is a secret gem enjoyed by locals! This time of year is laid back, I can take my time and enjoy the beach, do the things I don't have time for in the fall and winter, and also, I am busy making new inventory for the season coming up, and this year I've gotten a lot of large, tedious projects done around the house. I finally started the huge scanning project I've wanted to do forever! Because of the hurricane I realized just how important that project was to me – so I took the time and did it! There is a lot I want to scan to be digital in case of any disaster, recipes from my grandmother, important papers for taxes, keepsake items, ect – but my photos (ALL MY PHOTOS) was by far the biggest of the projects, since I have photos from when my grandparents got together, to my parents' wedding, through my childhood, my children growing up, my grandchildren – so when I say I have thousands of photos I really mean it! I know there's  a lot more I can do with this, but having the photos done is such a relief! And that got me thinking… with the ability to be digital, there's so much we can let go of! So I also started going through closets and giving away more things! This is another thing I've been working on- letting go. Letting go of "stuff", not just physical, material stuff, but also emotional stuff, sentimental stuff, personality stuff,  letting go of always trying to have control over my life – it goes on and on. Personal journeys never end – they just change 🙂 .

I did get a lot of projects done so far this summer, I also went fossil hunting a couple times before the waters were too high, so I've got more fossil to create with! All my fruit trees are doing well – I had mangoes this year! And for the first time we have bananas!! I hope they ripen, I can't wait to try them! This year the coconut trees have coconuts for the first time too! It's really cool to see all this stuff grow in your own yard! Another wild thing, lol, while I had company this month they got to see the alligator in our canal! During rainy season our saltwater canal becomes brackish and we always get one or two gators in there – but the sightings are just a few each year. So this particular night they were fishing off our dock and almost caught the darn thing twice! He must have been pretty hungry because he stayed all night! I am still feeding turtles in the canal during rainy season and we think the gator thought their bobber was a turtle head, so he attacked it. Then he made a bee line straight at us on the dock a second time! He lurked all night! That was an entertaining evening!















This season I am applying to some new markets for me; hoping to add a Tuesday market, and a monthly Sunday market, as well as a new location for Saturday. I am still keeping my Wednesday and Thursday markets. I also will be doing two new holiday shows in December that I am thrilled to have gotten into! Really excited about those! Check out my calendar – I did list what I could, the rest I will add as they are confirmed.

So in addition to the new materials I introduced last year, I should have a few more this year! I am always excited to add new materials to my cases! Look for fossilized SAND DOLLARS, and BLUE CHALCEDONY DRUSY, RED AMMONITES, and more!














Also, I have new wand pendants to talk about; I will always have the chakra wands, but  Now I will do custom wands; crystals that have different stones for different topics. Some of the ones I am working on include a prosperity crystal wand, a love wand, a protection wand, one for clear thinking, grounding, depression,and help with negativity. If you have any requests or ideas – please feel free to contact me! I always make new inventory to try to have new pieces, no matter how many times you see me at a show! Having said that – there are a number of pieces on my website that are older inventory. I know, I know, – I am almost two years behind on adding new pieces to my site, but being able to work at the farmers markets down here means I can work a show 7 days a week if I want! So I have more of my time spent selling and creating, than I have for website listing and maintenance, sorry. But, I do want to add some new pendants, so I thought if I make room it could be the initiative I need! All this means that I am having a HUGE SALE. This is the biggest sale I have ever had! 2/3 of my site is on sale! Up to 50% OFF!!!! Check it out before this SUPER SUMMER SALE  is over! It won't last long.

That's all for now, I hope you have a fabulous and fun summer – thanks for keeping in touch! 


Author: terri
I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!