JUNE – CHANGE OVER TO SUMMERTIME! June brings yet another "change of season", we transition into the quieter months; our real "down" time. The days get longer, and the afternoons really heat up! June is the beginning of our rainy season, so each afternoon (hopefully after 3pm) we can see some pretty wild thunderstorms roll in, and then roll out just as fast some times! The shops and beaches and roads and restaurants are all quiet compared to the previous 6 months. Very few events are held over the hot summer months, and all farmers markets are closed for season- only a couple out of hundreds remain open all year, and those have reduced hours because of the heat.

So this new schedule change has me working only Saturday and Sunday mornings. That means I can take a break, go to the beach, hang out with friends ( and friends with pools! lol) I am happy to have this down time, sure everyone needs a paycheck, don't get me wrong- but there is a silver lining here. I can RELAX and REFRESH in order to REVIVE my creativity, so I can REPLENISH my inventory! We all need some R&R!

I have started a great new exercise program, and joined a new weekly group meditation. I made a list of all the beaches and hang outs I still have not been too, so I can check 'em out. My house projects are almost completely done, which means….I CAN FINALLY GET INTO MY NEW WORKROOM!!! Wow it feels like forever that I've been looking forward to this! I have sooooo many projects and ideas to work on! I can't wait to get started, I am so excited! Having five solid days to work from home, I am confident that it will be fairly easy to find a balanced schedule quickly.

Look for lots of new things online too, it will take some time, but I have many ideas for FACEBOOK and PINTEREST, as well as adding to my website, and eventually making more videos for my YOUTUBE page. I plan on being busy on Facebook; I will have impromptu sales and specials! So if you are not following me on any of these social media platforms- please go to my website homepage and scroll down to the links, thank you! Feel free to share and invite your friends to like my page, I would appreciate that!

As mentioned previously, 2016 marks a few milestones for me; one of them being that I have been polishing stones for 40 YEARS! As one of the ways to celebrate this, and all my great customers, I am going to be "changing" the FEATURE CASE this month. Instead of picking a case of a certain type, I have put together a collection of pendants in a container that will be 40% OFF THE TICKET PRICE!!!!! Normally the "feature case" is present once at each venue I do through out the month, instead, I will have this container with me for the entire month of June, since I am only participating in two markets.

Finally, June is about DADS, GRADS, WEDDINGS, ANNIVERSARIES, VACATIONS, and BIRTHDAYS. Now I know that you know I have a great selection of jewelry for gift giving, but have you checked out the choices for MASCULINE JEWELRY? Men are tough to find jewelry for, but not anymore! Here are a few ideas, and the link to my masculine pendants page  browse before Father's Day! Hope everyone has a great month!


095-38,mammoth,ivory,motorcycle,handcrafted,CT,jewelry 1002-103,obsidian,arrowhead,necklace,handcrafted,CT,jewelry 0910-32,coyote,tooth,necklace,handcrafted,CT,jewelry 1307-33,black,bear,claw,handcrafted,CT,jewelryTake care, and remember to treasure the real gems in life!



Author: terri
I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!