Truth be told, it's actually felt like summer since April! In April the news was telling us that we were having June's weather, now June is here, and it's been in the mid 90s for weeks, this is supposed to be August like weather. So I am afraid to ask what will August be like; hell?  Funny, maybe if it's not true! I still have a lot to learn about Florida; it's funny, you move to a different location after being in the same place your whole life, and you  don't realize just how different that other location can be! Sometimes it's kinda like living on a different planet or something! Well, there is a huge difference between the northeast and the tropics, and I learn more every day! For instance, a sign that you are a real Floridian is rolling up your windows to go into the store- even when the weather is gorgeous, because if you don't in the rainy season  a storm can come out of now where and explode for 10 minutes, then be perfectly gorgeous again- and you will come out of the store and never know it rained…ya know until you sit in your driver's ushy gushy seat! They say you are a Floridian when you park 3 miles from the store entrance, not because the lot is full, not to get you some exercise- but because you found an ounce of shade! I felt like I really belonged in Florida the other day when I found the skeletal remains of a lizard behind my new couch- I have only had a couch since Christmas! I am told the Florida state bird is the mosquito! Speaking of birds, some of them are bigger than me! And they are not really afraid of you, they will not just be "shoo shooed" away if food is involved! Another thing I realized; I just got here in October, and I already forgot what it's like to wear long pants and boots! Now I know why my mother has more bathing suits than clothes!  The up side of this, is that a lot of the time I feel like a kid- like I am discovering something almost every day! It's like a massive adventure! Everything is new to me, places, people, different ways of doing things, the produce. I've seen and tasted more fruits and vegies that I never heard of before in the last 6 months than I have in decades! The wildlife is all new to me,some of the weather, the landscape, the "creepy crawlies" are different- and way too big! It does take some getting used to, but all things considered I love it here. This is my first full summer here, so let's hope I still feel that way in September!

June is the beginning of summer, the end of school; which brings graduations, and let's not forget FATHER'S DAY! I do have some interesting choices for masculine jewelry; they would make great gifts! Is Dad a civil war buff? How about a civil war bullet wrapped in sterling silver? I also have carvings, arrowheads,shark teeth, animal claws, fossils, meteorites, and more! You can view them here,


and be sure to ask about the nice sturdy leather cord for them too! I've got some new products I am working on for the summer months; look for these in the next few months and on FACEBOOK- like my page to get updates please.

I hope we all have a safe, fun filled summer with rest and relaxation- off to the beach!

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Author: terri
I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!