June does start our serene, summer months in SWFL- I've talked about this before. Most people are gone now, just the locals remain and the occasional tourist or visitor. The farmers markets that I have been frequenting close for season, very few remain open all year. So this means I have plenty of quality time to get in my gorgeous workshop and create new inventory for next season! I have projects lined up on the work bench ready and waiting! One of my  ideas is to continue the BEACH LINE I started last season; but – "changing it up" , so the pendants will be different. I am going to have more starfish and sea stars, as well as sea creatures and more surprises! In fact, the case I was using as the FEATURE CASE will now be SEA CREATURES instead! Look for exciting shapes like turtles and fish and sea horses and more oh my!

I also find more time to go to the beach and get inspired! One of my favorite things now is to go snorkel in the beautiful blue waters down here! It is just so serene and relaxing, floating in the water, watching the fish and crabs and creatures is almost meditative! I can recharge and spark new ideas! It's great having a new place to go explore too, there is so much of Florida that I have yet to see!beach day


Continuing with my couple of newsletter changes ( don't want you guys getting bored!) THE CRYSTAL OF THE MONTH  will replace THE STONE OF THE MONTH temporarily. Last month we had herkimer diamonds, and this month twin crystals- each month I will feature a different crystal formation. The names of these crystal types are derived from the actual physical differences in their form. Each quartz crystal has basic parts to it, as pictured below, but the way each of those parts forms physically can vary from crystal to crystal, so we will learn a little about some of the more popular formations and their meanings and how they can help us on our journey.


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Now, our next subject is the chakras. Last month we talked about your chakras as a whole system, now we will take a closer look at each one, one month at a time. Our first chakra is our ROOT CHAKRA, or base chakra; this energy center corresponds to the color red. Located at the base of the spine, it is linked to survival instincts and our ability to ground ourselves in the physical world. This chakra governs our physical self, our bodies, and our health. If you were to have a blockage in this chakra, it may manifest as paranoia, or defensiveness. Some gemstones for this chakra are garnet, bloodstone, red jasper. If you need to work on your root chakra, below are some great affirmations specific to this energy center.

colossal crystal caseOne more thing to remember; when you purchase a crystal pendant, you can not only wear the gem, but utilize it as a meditation tool also! It can be placed over the appropriate chakra, or the spot you feel needs it, just like a loose gemstone. They can also be worn during meditation or held in your palms.



chakra affirmations root Ok everyone, I hope this information was useful, and you are enjoying our new journey so far! As always, questions, comments or stories are always welcome! Email or facebook me!

Take care, and remember…


Author: terri
I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!