Summer time! Things are heating up! I think we all look forward to the summer for similar reasons. Summer seems to always remind us to slow down, enjoy the long days, take a vacation, relax on a beach. So since summer is a little slower of a season down here, I am doing just that! I have been venturing out a little more; meeting more of my neighbors, spending time with family, and checking out all the gorgeous, local BEACHES!SIESTA KEY This is Siesta Key beach; the sand is pure white, and never gets hot because there is more quartz in the sand than anywhere else! What a beautiful day we had there!

The yard has really come alive too! When "they"say it grows like a jungle down here, they mean it! All our plants and fruit trees have gone crazy! We are actually getting flowers and fruits on trees that we were told would take 3-5 years to produce! And the wildlife is on over drive! We actually saw an alligator right off our dock in the canal a week ago! There are bunches of turtles sunning themselves and hoping you'll feed them by the little bridges. We keep seeing big snook fish swimming under our dock too; but haven't caught them yet. We have been more successful with the crab traps though- we have caught quite a few big blue crabs over the last few weeks; cook them and freeze until we get a nice big batch- so I am looking forward to dinner that night!

While I have a little more time I am also getting some inventory made, and working on some new projects. I am so fasinated with the beauty of the scenery here, the wildlife, the marine life, nature has a way of inspiring you! My creativity is gearing up, and I am creating a "BEACH LINE" I started with genuine STARFISH PENDANTS! I even made a few pairs of starfish earrings too! I will also have pendants that are made from beautiful shells, and beach stone coming soon!

Do you know the legend of the sea star?


STARFISH PENDANTLEGEND OF THE SEA STARSTARFISH EARRINGI hope you enjoy your summer; take some time for relaxation, get centered, balanced, and grounded again- and keeps your toes in the sand! Bye for now!


Author: terri
I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!