MARCH is a big month for Florida! It could just be our busiest month of the year! The first month of spring, March has Palm Sunday, Easter, and St. patricks Day all in one! But, for us It's also important because this is when we have the biggest population, between all the snowbirds, the locals, bike week, and the spring break kids. Then add the people that are here for spring training, a few big rodeos, and really huge county fairs! So we are buzzing with activity! There are so many events and fairs and markets and entertainment- this place is hopping! It is a busy and exciting time for us vendors for sure! We also enjoy the weather change; it was cooler for January and February, but now March will have cool mornings and warm sunny days around 80. Boating, biking, and bathing in the sun are all popular activities. It will just get brighter, sunnier, and warmer (hot) from here!

So what's new for this month? Well, I got a brand new tent for my events! They are so pretty when they are all clean and new! I have some great new additions to my display as well; I try to change things up every so often.  I now have a really nice variety of cords, chokers, necklaces, neck wires and neck rings in silver, gold, black, and brown! Drop in at a show near you to see the selection. I also have a good selection of earrings that I am trying to maintain, lol. The chakra wand earrings turned out to be a great seller, sometimes I sell out completely! This time of year it's hard to keep up inventory – but I am always working on new pieces.

The FEATURE CASE for this month will be my BEACH LINE! I have  small shark teeth, starfish, sea stars, shells, and now SAND DOLLARS! Each pendant in this case will be 10% off at least once at each market I do in the month of March. Come see me soon!

1507-11 natural shell necklace handcrafted local jewelry 203 513-10451507-04 natural starfish pendantbeachlinesanddollarsThere are not many of these

pendants because I mostly work with gemstones and fossils, so grab a peek at them while you can!















I am in a very busy season right now, trying to keep the pace! Having said that, I am already planning my "down time" in the summer months. The construction on my workshop is moving along nicely, and I am excited to think of all the possibilities when I finally "move in" to that room. I have a ton of new pendant ideas in my head, and I just can't wait to get in that space and get back to my saw and grinding wheels! I think this will also help my tent display too, because my plan is to take some action shots of me working in  the new workshop so I can have a new "step by step" banner made- but I am getting ahead of myself here. One thing at a time!

your smile is your logo

As always, if you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you!

You can call, text, email, or facebook me anytime. I love and appreciate my customers, and I truly hope when you enter my booth you feel only positive energy! Here are a few things I try to remember…







That's about all for now, I hope everyone enjoys the first month of spring! And may all your days end as peaceful as this-

beach sunrise by WizardTake care, and remember to TREASURE THE REAL GEMS IN LIFE!

Author: terri
I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!