May always makes you think of Mom. It is fitting that Mother's Day is in such a beautiful month; who is more beautiful a soul than your mom? May is full of spring flowers blooming, sunshine and warmer weather, a lot of the bird nests are full of just hatched eggs, nurturing rain showers; this month is full of reminders of Mom. Mother's day brings out gratitude for your mom, kinda like having your own children does! I think that's when we can all really appreciate and understand how much Mom did for us, sacrificed for us, worried over us, right? I was very fortunate that my family was pretty creative and artistic. My whole family had something they were very artistically talented with. My mom had several creative avenues, so when I came home from school and said I want to buy rocks and polish them, my mom encouraged me! She also "encouraged" me to pay for whatever I wanted out of the money I earned! So you could say this journey of being an entrepreneur started with Mom!

mom and taeI am so happy that my journey has led me down to Florida, not only do I get to see my children and my grandchildren more often, but I have gone back to living just a mile from my mom, something I had for many years, but have missed now for 16 years! And that was tough, because my mom is my best friend. Just goes to show- you just never know what your journey has in store for you, until it is the right time.

One of my favorite quotes  goes something like this; IT'S NOT ABOUT THE DESTINATION, ITS ABOUT THE JOURNEY. This is really one of my top favorites because it applies to everything; to life in general, to specific instances, to the evolution of years worth of building a business, and to the very act of creating my jewelry. It's not just the finished product, it's the creation, the thought, the time, the work. What stories are told explaining how exactly I came to own this particular rock? Who did I have to meet, where did I have to go, what did I have to think that led me to where I am today? And let's not forget the real artist! What conditions had to occur in order to bring this mineral or this stone to creation in the first place?

When I look at a piece of raw material I envision what I can create out of it;I think about how I can make this into something that someone would feel special wearing. I try to design something you can give your mom on a special occasion, something she knows took thought and care. Because why shouldn't gifts be as unique and one of a kind as the people receiving them? But while I am physically sawing, or cutting and grinding and shaping, or polishing, or wire wrapping- there is so much more to it! It's about the passion that I feel for stones, the creativity that enhances my craft, and mother nature's art. The peaceful, serene emotions that envelope you as you are lost in your own little world.The sense of accomplishment and pride when you are happy with what you have done. The fun I have socializing and meeting people as I sell my pieces.So it's a long way, and a lot of steps from finding that great material to the end result, why would I want to forget any of that? And probably my favorite part of the journey; is when someone buys it because they see what I see, a real treasure,  they found something that makes them feel special, because this is not the end of the journey- but another beginning.

So HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the Moms out there- and remember to enjoy your journey!

Author: terri
I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!