So, exactly how is it different? Well, we do have a change of season; the weather changes from boiling and wet to damn perfect! (yes I am rubbing it in!) People start planting the few things that didn't want to grow in the hot, hot, hot summer. The tides in the canals can get really low, and they smell like it too! There isn't as much gator activity, and, as it turns out, turtles move on!

But as far as the "colors" that change in Florida? Well this is how we tell the change of season-

fall in floridaOur biggest change of season is when all the snowbirds come back! The roads are full of every license plate you have ever seen, and then some! The restaurants are full by 5pm, businesses have to hire extra help, and the economy is grateful once again! Beaches are full of hardy Canadians in bathing suits, braving the windy shores, while the long time Floridians shiver!

That's how we know fall is here. Our season of shows, fairs, markets, and events takes off like a bottle rocket! And will go straight through winter- who wouldn't want to spend the cooler months down here in Paradise?

1509-06 citrine crystal necklace handcrafted local jewelry 203 513-10451508-19 citrine crystal slide handcrafted local jewelry 203 513-1045Some of November's birthstone; theses are my new citrine crystals that I recently wire wrapped for the COLOSSAL CRYSTAL COLLECTION.

I am making more inventory for season, we are already seeing an increase in attendance at the markets, so the snow birds are arriving early!

Also, there is some progress on my workshop! The windows were taken out and plywooded, and then the interior of the bedroom and bathroom window was transformed into shelves!

shelfSo we are moving into fall with anticipation and excitement! Whatever the season change is where you are, I hope you enjoy it, and have a healthy, happy Thanksgiving with loved ones!


Author: terri
I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!