November brings the start of our holiday season, and that gets us thinking about family, friends, life, and all things emotional. It can be a really rough time of the year for some. I always loved the holidays, and I never really understood how it could make you sad; but things change as we grow, and I have a new perspective on this subject. Over time we grow, our children grow, we change jobs, move away, and lose people we love. Our familiar, comfortable, family traditions are forced to change, or maybe the people we want to be with most, are no longer able to be with us, or are no longer here at all. This season brings warm memories of loved ones and good times, and that can be emotional and difficult, I understand that first hand now. So when those upsetting feelings come up, what do you do?

When I feel bad, I try to remember that it's a choice- an adjustment in your attitude can change your perspective, and your mood. Sure I miss the way things used to be, but they can't be that way anymore. So I remember that I am grateful for the memories I have, and I look for new traditions, new "chapters" in my book of life. I miss people I love terribly, but it makes me more grateful for the people that are still around, and for the new friends I've made. "Home" has many meanings- I get homesick, I miss my roots, but I am grateful to live in such a paradise. I am grateful that because I moved, I was able, finally, to afford a home of my own! I am grateful that my new home has a beautiful new workshop attached to it! I am grateful I have a business that can take me literally anywhere I choose. As we grow older things that once were easy, are now more of a challenge- so I am grateful that being where I am now means I don't have to worry about driving on icy roads, or shoveling snow before you can go to work! Being here allows me to work only one job- and more importantly- that my work is my passion! So many people do a job they hate just to pay bills, I am very fortunate to do what I love for work. Like my dad always said- "It's a dirty job Ter, but someone has to do it!" So I will continue to "BUST STONES FOR A LIVING", and I will continue to live in PARADISE- and I will be forever GRATEFUL for it, because- IT'S A DIRTY JOB, BUT SOME ONE HAS TO DO IT!












November means our water temperature has dropped from 88 degrees to 72! So snorkeling is put on hold for now, but since I hear it has already snowed back "home", I guess I won't complain- I'll just be grateful that I still have the option if I want to brave it!  Snow birds are coming back in droves, the roads are getting busy, and we are seeing more traffic at the markets, so that's another thing to be grateful for! October was a good month, so if that's an early indication of things to come, that would be great! Some of the locals are not too happy- but more of us make our livings when they are here, so I'm happy they're back.

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 I hear people starting to shop for holiday gifts, and I continue to make new inventory, including some new materials I didn't have cut last year, so come see me at a market or show near you to see what's new. The feature case may  be a great idea for gifts, so check that out. I also have a deal for you on my website, so take advantage of that this month.  And if you have a special project in mind, feel free to contact me soon, as I get busier every day! I hope we all CHOOSE to enjoy this holiday season- where ever we are, and whom ever we are with! Remember…




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I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!