Rolling like a freight train! November is almost over already! I don't know about you, but I'll barely have time to gulp down my turkey, before I'm off to Tallahassee to start my December shows! Sometimes it really does seem as though life rolls on too fast, we say it a lot, but we really need to be reminded to slow down and smell the roses!

Well,last time we spoke was the beginning of summer; so here's what's new. This summer I had no trips planned, so it was a "staycation" – a working one of coarse! I made inventory all summer. This year was challenging here in Florida; the red tide and red drift bacteria all season made it nearly impossible to go to the beach, or enjoy most of the pleasures of being in Florida during this quiet time. So I stayed in my workshop ALL SUMMER AND CUT CABS!  I cut so much, my equippment needs attention! But now I have a good amount, and naturally I got a lot wired for season. I will continue to wire wrap the remaining stones as we go through season (and probably beyond!)

I am really happy to be able to have some NEW MATERIALS!! Most are new in the sense that I have not had them in my cases in Florida yet, (so it's been a long time) but- I actually have some materials that are new period! I bought some new material last year, and I finally got time to cut it, it's called GRAPE CHALCEDONY, it's a purple agate from Indonesia. The country recently discovered it about 5-8 years ago, but would not export. They only started letting some out of the country about 18 months or so ago. Not sure those are exact timelines, but you get the idea. I also have watermelon tourmaline, blue opal, variscite, chrysocolla, unakite, rutilated quartz, fluorite, howlite, azurite, imperial jasper (in 3 colors!), ametrine, and picaso marble! Some of these are very limited, meaning I literally only have a few pieces- so contact me if you are interested in a certain material, because once they are gone, I'm not sure when or if I'll be able to get more.

A NEW MAT GRAPEA NEW MAT IMP JASA NEW MAT BL OPALA NEW MAT AMETRINEA NEW MAT AZURThis is the Blue Opal- scenic right? Do you see a palm tree at a lagoon? The next one is the Red Imperial Jasper, The photo that has 5 pieces is the new Grape Chalcedony. The blue and green one is Azurite, and the purple that has some golden yellow in it is the Ametrine. 

Now the there were two big projects I did not finish this summer, and once again, one was adding new pieces to the website. I started, but I get so busy, I don't finish, and then they sell, so I have to make more and start the process all over again. So if you are interested in any new materials- the best thing to do is contact me. You can watch my Facebook page-

I always post new materials and pieces there, but I can also text or email you new pictures. I also post specials and sales on Facebook, so it's a good idea to keep updated there.

My webmaster has changed my shipping charges for you! She has assured me that from now on, your shipping will be $7.20 for your order instead of each piece!  So that's some savings! This is the smallest priority mail option, and that is what I like to use. I can usually fit about three or four pieces in that size box. THIS IS FOR INSIDE THE CONTINENTAL US ONLY- please always remember to contact me about shipping elsewhere, thank you.

Be sure to check out my web calendar; I have changed a few things again. For this season I am still at my Wednesday market at Phillippi, and the Thursday market on Dearborn St, but my Saturday and Sunday markets are new for me. The weekends will have me down in Naples! This is my first venture into Naples, and I have been looking forward to it! I am currently looking for a Friday market, so more to come on that. I have two big HOLIDAY SHOWS in December; one in Tallahasse the first weekend, and the second weekend I am doing a new one for me! Sounds promising!

ATOMIC FOR FACEBOOKSpeaking of the holidays; I decided to combine everything into one gigantic SUPER SALE!! From today (Thanksgiving) until Christmas Eve (12/24/18 midnight) So I got it all covered;

                                                      BLACK FRIDAY

                                       SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY

                                                    CYBER MONDAY     



I am offering 25% OFF THE ENTIRE SITE!!!!!! This is a huge sale! Had your eye on something special? Need a masculine gift for Christmas? Can't find the right color/sparkle pendant to match your outfit for that big holiday party? Now is the time! YOUR ENTIRE CART WILL BE 25% OFF! But hurry, sale ends with Christmas! Enter coupon code  "holiday25" at check out. If ordering more than four items, or you need them shipped outside the US, please contact me before your purchase, thank you.

On a personal note, I did manage to encrust my flower pots with all the shells I found the previous two summers, and replant them- most came out pretty good, once I got the hang of it, lol.

IMG_6635 (1)IMG_6636 (1)IMG_6644 (1)All together I did 10 flower pots and 2 tissue holders, and I still have lots of shells left! My next project will be to frame my large bedroom mirror (3' x 5') in sand dollars! Wish me luck with that one! lol 

I also finally made it down to beautiful Marco Island! That was a great day, got to see tons of the 9 legged star fish, they are so cool, and big!

IMG_6965 (1)I saw some friends, hung out with mom, and made the best of the summer. Now I am in a new season, and looking forward to my new adventures! That's about all for now, I sincerely hope this entire holiday season will be happy, healthy, and prosperous for all! Today is Thanksgiving, and I am grateful for all the people in my life; family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, AND CUSTOMERS TOO! This small business truly appreciates your patronage!





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