September is more than just a change from summer to fall, more than just switching from vacation mode to "back to work or school mode" . September is the last quarter of the year! So, this brings up the question; what have you done this year? Have you accomplished the goals you set – or are you close? Don't worry, you still have time to get back on track if you aren't quite where you'd like to be, so September is like a "checking in point", and it could be a second chance too.

As far as I go; I think I am doing pretty good! I am close to a lot of goals; Labor Day means making it through my first full summer down here in Florida! I know it is still hot, hot, hot until the end of October, but it's been 93 degrees since April, so I am counting it as almost there! Labor Day is also for Laborers; some are construction workers, and that me to brings another goal; we wanted to extend my workshop by the end of the year. Construction of the shell was just completed last week!

construction complete workshop shell

Another goal was to learn about my new home town and it's surrounding areas, and find the best avenues for my business. I have really enjoyed meeting people from my communities, as well as many tourists and visitors. I have done numerous events in different areas, and I have learned a lot this year from other vendors. I am working on what I consider to be a great "line up" for this season's calendar! Our season runs October through May down here, with January through May being the primary months. So next month I should know the results of my efforts.

Once I really got myself settled into a new routine, I was planning on starting some new projects, some are brand new, and some I have been thinking about for a long time. That goal is doing well! I recently started a couple of new lines; the BEACH LINE, which is more of a new idea for me, inspired by the wildlife and nature in FL. I started with starfish earrings and pendants, then added some pretty shells; I plan to add to this soon too.

Right now I am working on a new line called COLOSSAL CRYSTALS; I am wire wrapping really huge crystals! This idea I have had for a long time, and have spent that time slowly collecting the right crystals. This will make its debut at PEACE DAY, and it will be high-lighted in another new idea… the FEATURE CASE!. This case will have feature pendants! Each time I do this, what ever is inside that case will be a special for that day!

amethyst crystal frame
If you have been following me for a while now, then you know about my CHAKRA WAND PENDANTS- , I recently started to make chakra earrings, and they are really taking off! I am not promising anything (lol) but I am working on a chakra ring at this time also, stay tuned.

chakra earringsI am happy to report that I am now back to cutting cabochons, and sawing material on a more routine basis. And finally I am slowly making the switch to Argentium from Sterling- it is a better quality material and does not tarnish as much- so watch, because I've got some really great pieces coming up for season!

Of course Labor Day does signify the final weekend of summer, and I have had some fun too! Been to a few beaches with friends, had some beers with friends, visited with the grandkids, and had plenty of time for my yoga! My fruit trees are being good to me this summer too! Had tomatoes, star fruit,limes, kumquats, chocolate mint, and recently found a baby pineapple growing! The rest have not harvested, but are growing well. The grandkids discovered turtles while they were here, and I think we fed every turtle in Port Charlotte! So the result of that is… now they ALL COME TO MY DOCK!! Every night I am out there feeding the neighborhood turtles! So you know you are a real Floridian when- you are not the crazy cat lady, but the CRAZY TURTLE LADY!! lol Hope you have enjoyed your summer to the fullest, take care for now- and get back to work!

dock feeding turtles


Author: terri
I have always loved gemstones! I have been polishing stones since I was eight years old! Now I have a business I love and I get to share my passion with everyone!