Yup, it's November, and that means the holidays are coming, and after that – well, after ALL the holidays? Then 2020 WILL BE OVER!!!! YAY!!! I don't know about you, but I'm betting you'll be just as happy as the rest of the world! No matter what your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, I think we all have the desire to be done with this year! On to better things and happier, healthier times, for everyone.

So, I am trying to keep in better contact, be a little more regular with my newsletters and social media posts. This is my second (I think) this year, so maybe I'll try three next year! I just want to say thank you – thank you for bearing with me, sometimes my goals are not quite met in the time frame I thought they would be! I told you last time I had listed about 30 pieces to the website a while back, well a few have sold, but I have good news! There's always more, lol. I am trying again to list more regularly, and this month I have added another 34 BRAND NEW PIECES!! Last newsletter, I had some issues; they changed the platform a bit and I couldn't get all the pics of my new styles, but now you can see them on the site! I also had an issue with the October events linking to June for some reason, and I was unable to go back and edit, not sure why – so I am getting used to the new quirks, again I thank you for your patience!

I have many new styles and techniques, here are a few examples;











For the holidays I am offering you 20% OFF SITEWIDE; this includes ALL my pieces, the current, as well as these brand new pieces! But hurry, the sale ends on December 15th – that's the last day I believe they say Priority Mail will get there for Christmas.– remember PLEASE!! if you order more than one, text or call or email me first, I may be able to put them in one box and save you shipping costs!!! But if you purchase first, without my knowledge, the site will not allow you to buy without shipping costs. 203-513-1045 [email protected] You can always contact me for pics of the pieces not yet listed too, I am happy to help you make a decision – I have a large variety of pieces and price points.

Ok, one more thing; social media. I told you I am learning Instagram, and you know I am on Facebook and Pinterest- please, please, if you can, please follow me, share my posts with YOUR friends, like my page – every little bit helps me reach more people, so I am GRATEFUL for anything you can do! And you will see the absolute newest things on the social media platforms first. I am working on a super new style that I am hoping to roll out in the next two weeks, so it will be in time for Christmas – and I will post pics online in IG and FB.


That's all for now, I wish you all a HAPPY THANKS GIVING, very MERRY CHRISTMAS and A BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!!

Remember to always – TREASURE THE REAL GEMS IN LIFE!!!