Summer is hot alright! Florida is piping hot! it is also quiet down here, as this is my new "slow season". I am trying to get used to that! I used to be slow in the winter months of January, February, half of March- because there is snow on the ground in CT! Now, those are the craziest, busiest months of the year! The down time here is June through September; all the snow birds are gone, all the snow bird vendors are gone, and IT IS HOT!! Can't help but feel strange, trying to get used to my slow season, when I look out the window, and it looks gorgeous outside! But you can actually fry an egg on my patio! And the rainy season is summer too- you know you are in Florida when the sun is shining beautiful, and it is POURING RAIN! I admit, I really do need the A/C in the house, but all things considered, I think I am doing pretty well adjusting to my new climate. My months may still feel backwards, but I'll get there! To help me celebrate my first full summer here, I am offering up some SIZZLING SUMMER SAVINGS! When shopping on my site, enter coupon code  15off at checkout and it will take 15% off your entire cart!

So what am I doing with the extra time I have on my hands? (besides goofing off wink)  Well I am working on a lot of new projects! I made another big batch of earrings, and I am now introducing CHAKRA EARRINGS! I also made two more pair of STARFISH EARRINGS, as the last batch of eight pair are all sold.

chakra earringsearring tray










Continuing my new "BEACH LINE" ( I started with the starfish pendants and earrings) I have started wire wrapping beautiful shells, to create unique pendants!

1507-10 spiral shell pendant1507-12 orange shell pendant1507-11 small conch shell pendant



















I also have a new display tray full of RINGS! Everyone always wants rings, and I always want to make my customers happy! So I am adding them to my show display; sorry, like the earrings, rings are not yet available online.










Another benefit to having more time, is not just more time to myself- but more time in the workshop! I've been working on a routine, and getting some sawing and cutting done! New CABOCHONS coming for all my new pendants in the fall! Keep your eyes open for some great new material!

Finally the new pieces I am creating now will be wire wrapped with ARGENTIUM. I am switching over to this silver, because I am finding it a big challenge to keep up with the tarnish on my sterling silver. If you wear/own one or two pieces, it is fine when you are in a humid environment- however if you are displaying 300-400 pieces at a time, that can get a little tricky! I still have lots and lots in sterling silver, and some more wire to use up- but I am changing over. Argentium actually has more silver in it than sterling.Fine silver has .999% silver,(but it's a lot more expensive), sterling has 92.5% silver and Argentium has 93.5%, plus 1.5% geranium; which is an anti-tarnish agent. So that leaves less copper, which is what tarnishes the sterling.Argentium is also beneficial in many other ways too; it is more durable, has a brighter, shinier finish, and it's harder and more eco-friendly! Argentium is very reasonable, it is just a little more than sterling silver, so for all the benefits you get way more value for your money!

Well, that's about all for now; it's just about wine o'clock out on my dock, so I'll say good bye for now! Enjoy the rest of your summer, don't let it slip away before you get your toes in the sand!