Sizzling might be a better description! This month brings lots of news!! I am so excited about my upcoming GEM & MINERAL SHOW!!! This show is where I do all my big material purchasing, I have been on the waiting list for a booth of my own for 4 years! Trust me, you DO NOT want to miss this “gem” of a show! It will be held at the Better Living Center of the Eastern States Exposition, come see me at booth #44!! For more details see the event calendar of my website, or vist

I am working on some new claws! I am currently wire wrapping bobcat, and otter! Stay tuned, photos will be coming! Supplies are limited of these. I will have some finished for the gem show for sure!

My  sweepstakes is taking off! I was curious to see how many of my pendants people have; since I get a lot of repeat business (thank you  all 🙂 ), so far the numbers are very surprising! The number in first place so far is pretty tough to beat, but don’t worry because I am going to have a “runner up”! You still have time the deadline to get me your number is September 29th, so I can announce it in my October newsletter. Here are the prizes;

First place wins a FREE $35 pendant, plus 50% off one pendant! (some exclusions may apply)

Second place wins a FREE choker ( I have 3 to choose from), plus 25% off one pendant! (some exclusions may apply)

Use it for yourself, or to help with your holiday shopping! So count them up and post it on my facebook page- or email me at I can’t wait to see how this goes!

More news; I recently was asked to do a television talk show for public access tv! Usha Kumar, host of Practical Talk Time, had me on her program! We taped two programs talking about gems and jewelry and how I got started, it was great! If anyone would like to see the show, it will air on Comcast channel 23 on 8/26/14 at 9:30pm and again on 8/29/14 at 11am. The second part will be shown on 9/2/14 at 9:30pm and again on 9/5/14 at 11am. I am also going to link a copy of each to the MEDIA KIT page under the ABOUT section of my website, for anyone that does not get Comcast. Once the shows air they will be available in the “latest shows” section of

August is just full of surprises!