YES!!! THAT is definitely the headline for this year! I am not wasting one precious minute this summer!! I am packing in as much fun and plans and visits and vacations, and "bucket list" items as I possibly can into one fun-filled summer!!! I, along with my co-workers were a little nervous the first half of our 2020-2021 season; but the second half of season was strong enough to make up for that! It was heart warming to see how much people wanted to help support small businesses! THANK YOU ALL!!!

The recent past has been rough – on all of us – in different ways, and also in the same ways. I think everyone feels that "tomorrow is promised to no one" and you just don't know what's around the corner" has been proven and etched in our minds! And so it seems that everyone wants to do EVERYTHING this summer!! And I just keep saying YES!! Yes to any plans! Yes to any visits! Yes to any vacations! Yes to any beach days! I don't know about you, but I am 53 years old; if I don't start knocking things off my bucket list now, I'll never get through it! So in addition to making new inventory and continuing to practice new styles and weave techniques, let me tell you a bit about my summer season plans……

Starting in June and going all the way through till the very end of summer (I go back to work October 2nd) ! I am planning on scratching quite a few things off my bucket list!

Like –  1. I finally got all three of my grandkids out fossil hunting!! Yay – thanks to our whole team!! Each one of them got at least one megalodon shark tooth! What a great, memorable day it was!! Because our "rainy" season started off so very late this year, they were able to get down to Florida once they were out of school.      

2. I finally got some new equipment too! (which will be great if I ever get my butt to work on it!) I bought a top of the line machine that I have wanted for a long time! My shop is doing great! I have made room inside the space for every "station" that I need! The slab saw (the only piece that still needs attention), then the trim saw – then on to the cabbing machine, my new love! Next is the polishing station, then wiring, cleaning, possibly coating, and finally photos and inventory tag! I am experimenting with a new coating on some pieces; it coats the metal so it won't tarnish for a few years, but doesn't harm the stones. This is fairly new on the market, and new to me, so I'm trying it out on some. And I finally replaced my tumbler! 



I've had friends and family visit,  gone exploring, had fun at the beach, and much, much more, – and the crown jewel?  3. MINING AT MOUNT IDA,  ARKANSAS FOR QUARTZ CRYSTALS!!!!! YES!!! Number one thing on my bucket list, been there since I knew what a bucket list was!! LOL shout out to my friend Amy for (without really realizing it) starting that ball rolling and giving me the push needed to make it happen! I can't begin to tell you what a FANTASTIC time we had!! Five days 9am-5pm open pit mining at five different mines! Wahooo! What a blast! Yes, it was HOT, yes it was a LOT OF WORK, but the experience we came away with, and the significance of the crystals we actually dug out of the ground ourselves, compares to nothing! For not having much experience with this type of mining, we did great, had a great haul, learned a lot, and had fun too! Here's a look –



Here is just one mine's crystals before and after cleaning……….

 While we were there, we couldn't help but take a few spins on the Coleman Mine Zip line!  What a great zip line, clear across the entire mine and property – up so high I chose NOT to take my phone for pictures or videos! And yes, you guessed it another item on the old bucket list! 4. if you're counting with me.

So what next? Well, I'm glad you asked! For starters; the super huge Gem show that I love is back on! I can go and get some VERY, VERY much needed materials! Yay, ROCK SHOPPING!!!! Add a fabulous milestone to this; my daughter will be joining me, for the first time as a small business owner! Can you believe she is following in my footsteps?! Making it all her own of course, she is wire wrapping and selling gems and crystals!

Since quartz is the focus this summer, and I'll be up that way anyway, with a little luck- lets scratch off #2 on that bucket list and head to Herkimer to take the kids mining for herkimer diamonds!! 5.  YES!! I can't wait!! More to come on that! 

There's also more friends and family to see,  and my mom has a milestone birthday this year, and my daughter is getting married! OMG looking at my calendar, it's hard to believe I am squeezing so much into one summer!! I am feeling so BLESSED, and GRATEFUL ; I hope everyone gets to fulfill the "some days" and the I'd really love to" lists they have in the back of the mind – do it, just do it – say YES! You'll figure it out later. Get out there now, while you can! I should be able to do 5 things  on my bucket list before October – how many can you do?

I'm grateful for each experience, and always for each customer that helps make them a reality! If you need a gift, or want something for yourself, check out my website's summer clearance sale, follow my FaceBook page and Instagram where I will be posting many more photos and videos of my trips, and new pieces; they make it there before my website because it's faster. Thank you, everyone, and have a safe, healthy, fun-filled summer you'll never forget!